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World Earth Day, 2021

We all know that 22nd of April is celebrated as “WORLD EARTH DAY” throughout the Globe. It is also known as “International Mother Earth Day”. Various events are organized by globally. The day is celebrated to determine the significance of environment protection. The story of World Earth Day takes us back into the 1970s, when it was first held. It was a time which marks the onset of awareness among people about the anthropogenic disruptions and the stressful and disastrous impacts on the lives as well as on the environment.  

World Earth Day, 2021
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Back in the 1970s, Americans start realizing the importance of Environmental regulations and Environmental education for the protection of prestigious endowment given by nature. The disastrous oil spill of Santa Barbara, California 1969 resulted into demise of more than 10,000 seabirds, dolphins, seals and sea lions. More than 3 million gallons oil got spilled out. The result of such a spill just can’t be the death numbers. There must be a lot more detriment which humans are not capable to quantify. 

The second thing which open the eyes of Americans was the evil of air pollution that they were suffering because of the industrial emissions. The economy of the nation was boosting but on the behalf of environmental health. 

Also the famous environmental science book written by Rachel Carson, Silent Spring 1962 which emphasized on the harmful effects of pesticides make people realized about the concerns. 

Initially teach-ins were started in various campuses all over the nation to educate the youth but later on it become a part of the entire country. People had started realizing the significance of protecting the natural ecosystems, air, water, land and the whole environment which is required for the benefit of Human life. There were protests carried out on that day in 1970. All the people who were concerned about different disastrous happenings were gathered. Because of all these protests, the United Nations Environment Protection Agency came into picture along with many laws which were later on adopted by several other countries. 

In 1990, the Earth Day was not only restricted to the U.S but has now became the Global happening. 200 million people from 141 countries got a common stage that too at the global level where people got the opportunity to raise their concerns. 22nd April 1990 brought recycling of materials into the picture. 

In 2000 i.e. after the completion of 30 years of Earth day, the issues like Global Warming and Clean Energy came into limelight. The topic of discussion in 2000 was Global Warming and Clean energy alternatives. Almost 5000 environmental organizations from 184 countries were gathered through the power of internet. 

22nd April 2020 was the 50th anniversary of World Earth Day. Due to the ongoing pandemic the 50th Anniversary was organized virtually. The activists were encouraged for transformative actions to be taken for the mother Earth. 

World Earth Day, 2021
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Thus, we can say that Earth Day is always organized to give our mother, the respect she deserves. It is the day when we have to take out few moments of our life to thank our Earth and also to think about the destructions caused by us. Along with the problems, solutions needs to be thought of. 


Earth Day, 2021 is the second virtual happening. The theme of 2021 is to “Restore our Earth”. The Global show will began at 12 PM Eastern time. There will be panel discussions, performances and workshops to be held. The topic of the talk includes:

Natural Processes.

Emerging Green Technologies.

Innovative thinking for the protection of World’s Natural ecosystems.

Climate and environmental literacy.

Climate restoration technologies.

Reforestation efforts.

Regenerative agriculture.

Equity and environmental justice.

Citizen science.

Clean-ups, and more.

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I hope you guys enjoy this small article about the World Earth Day. We are here to make the understanding more clear and with an easy to understand language. If you want us to write on a specific topic do send us your query through our contact page. Thank you so much guys. 

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